Seniors Stretch

Regular physical activity and exercise are important to the physical and mental health of almost everyone, including older adults. Staying physically active and exercising regularly can produce long-term health benefits and even improve health for some older people who already have diseases and disabilities. That’s why health experts say that older adults should aim to be as active as possible.
“It is of up-most importance to keep our bodies moving. Just like a kinetic watch needs movement to charge its batteries, our brain needs movement from the spine to charge up its balance centre. 90% of the stimulation and nutrition of the brain is generated by the movement of the spine” (Dr Roger Sperry – nobel prize recipient)

Did you know that balance problems, Vitamin D deficiencies and lower limb weakness are major risk factors that cause our seniors to experience a fall? Did you also know that once you have fallen and are over 65 years of age, your chances of falling again are doubled? With regular exercise your balance will improve and your body strengthen, to help you stay strong and fit enough to keep doing the things you like to do as you get older.
At the Health Focus Centre we provide seniors Yoga and movement classes to keep our seniors moving and thriving as much as possible. Our Yoga classes are led from a Senior instructor who knows and understands the pleasures and pains experienced as your age matures. The classes are tapered to get you moving your limbs and help you relieve the tightness built up in your muscles and joints.