Pregnancy Yoga

Prenatal yoga differs to general yoga in that the classes are designed just for pregnant women. All postures are tailored to benefit the expectant mother and the baby, as well as provide excellent birth preparation and prepare for post delivery stages.
It is becoming more and more common to see pregnant ladies joining specialty pregnancy yoga classes because of its proven results in helping women get through their pregnancy with less discomfort.
Every week of pregnancy has a different stress and changing effect on the body. Although hormones are naturally secreted throughout the joints of the body, our weight bearing joints can end up becoming quite sore and inflamed causing back pain, neck pain and even headaches. Specialty pregnancy yoga is designed to help you with whichever stage you are in in your pregnancy, teaching you the aided tool of breath control for stress relief leading into, and during your labour.
We encourage you to communicate any concerns or questions with our qualified instructor to help you enjoy the most benefit from our sessions.

Course inclusions:
Drop in’s welcome. Included in the 10 class pass. Included in the membership.