Movement Studio

At Health Focus Centre we are equally a health clinic with the luxury of a movement studio as we are a movement studio with the luxury of a health clinic. The Centre was founded by a Doctor of Chiropractic as well as a Yogi. Together they developed the Health Focus Centre. Our movement studio will be offering a range of classes for all ages. Classes will consist of Yoga, Pilates and other specialty classes such as seniors stretch, foam roller classes, Pregnancy classes, Mums and Bubs classes etc. Our intention with the Movement Studio is to give you an opportunity to de-stress and practice mindfulness through relaxation classes all the way to increasing your heart rate and losing weight in a safe environment. With a passion for neurology, Dr Raffi Grigorian (Chiropractor) believes that all classes offered at the Movement Studio are more than just a chance to feel great and relieve stress, but an opportunity to get out of the chair and fire off proprioceptors in order to charge your cerebellum (balance and movement centre in the brain) and prevent neuroplasticity. Select a class from the list below to learn more about it and how it can help you: